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2020-04-07 00:31

Angel McManus vs Klondyke Kate. UK 4. Tina Starr, Angel McManus& Suzie McDonald vs Rusty Blair, Gemma Best& Nicky Monroe. Dizzy Adams& Tina Martin vs Donna Marie& Black Widow. Kelly Shannon vs Jodie Lee. Amanda McGowan vs Wendy Sanderson. Leona Withers vs Gail Sanderson.Sep 25, 2016 This is the first time I have seen the long version of this bout featuring two stars of the Welsh tv show RESLO which was on S4C the Welsh language channel. angel mcmanus vs

Apr 29, 2019 Amy McManus on Instagram: Side by side straight vs Wavy from all the angles of this Angel Wet Hair Application Roots @schwarzkopfusa Igora Vibrance 612& 71

You'll have to indulge me when I dig odd ones of these out, but the late Orig Williams in Rhyl, North Wales was one of the first promoters to give the ladies a real go and Angel angel mcmanus vs

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